NMC’s Board of Directors
President: Winn Asay – Winn’s inner desire is helping Moms, babies, families and support staff have the tools needed for a successful breastfeeding journey (whatever that looks like to Mom). She has three beautiful children, all breastfed for different intervals. She’s been married to her best friend for 17 years and currently works at a local hospital in Lactation services. When not pursuing her passion of breastfeeding she enjoys running and immersing herself in the imaginations of her children.
Treasurer:  Jen Haralson – Jen has loved babies since she was a little girl, so supporting them and their mamas through NMC was a logical step.  She lives in Washington  with her husband Jon, and their two children, Brynn and Owen. Jen loves sewing and reading, and working in the yard.
Secretary:  Melisa Cunningham

Members at Large  
Advisory Board Members
Chanda Stone
Kelli Bottolfson-Brown
Amelia Psmythe 

Past NMC Presidents
2012-2014      Jen Haralson
2010-2011      Madia Smith-Garvin
2008-2009      Chanda Stone
2007               Chanda Stone and Lisa Stefanowicz
2005-2006      Sheri McLoughlin
2004               Julie Barbieri